Friday, March 14, 2014

Blog Reborn

Well, I’m not exactly an experienced interviewer, not even remotely close, but I've decided to try and conduct a series of author interviews. This site, The Write Answers, will now be solely dedicated to that. Yeah I know, there’s already some really qualified people doing this deal, like more than enough people right? Then again one more can’t hurt, so here goes nothing.

Hopefully my 10 questions will allow for some good insight and commentary. I’m going to try to bring in guests I know and respect - but also people I've never met either in person or on social media. They'll read my invitation or request and wonder Jim…who

I’ll even ask some people that are very busy, because they're very successful. People that almost never answer a query of any kind, from anyone, except their agent. Folks that I suppose I will have no business asking and my batting average will most assuredly go down with those folks. That’s okay though and if this little stab at interviewing some interesting people doesn't fly, the sun will still come up in the morning. I'll still be over at Hardboiled Partners in Crime anyway.

I hope you’ll follow along just to witness the potential train wreck of this initiative, if nothing else. I don’t embarrass easy and that’s probably a good thing. Stay tuned for my first guest – which I don’t have lined up yet. * JW     

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